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Automated Recognition of Pollen

Configurable for many classification and microscopy tasks. We believe it to be useful for pollen classification as developed with potential for improved and increased functionality. Please Contact us for any discussion regarding collaboration. Laboratory/real-world testing and user-interface development we believe is required next.

The project is to develop an inexpensive machine to automatically locate, classify and count pollen on a microscope slide. It is to be affordable by a modest laboratory and operate as an aid to palynology.

The first prototype, called AutoStaget, is functioning with impressive results, described in the "results" section. The second prototype is built and being set up at present. It is pictured to the right. The first prototype is shown in the movie below.

There will be other uses for the system in classification, recognition or image processing of small or microscopic objects. For adaptation of the system for industry or research, please contact Bob or Gary.


More tests and modifications are underway. Two more prototypes are to be development. Both to be used in laboratories to further assess capabilities and fine-tune user requirements.


View a movie of the system operating

A power point presentation for download (1.7 Meg)

The first paper was presented in December 2006 at IVCNZ

see pictures

The latest paper was delivered at INQUA, Cairns in August 2007.

see pictures

If you would like a demonstration please contact Gary


At Massey University Campus

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Prototype II



A Pinus Radiata and a wattle (acacia) pollen grain

Pollen Research Group: details

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Gary Allen
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