SHMUC Use Case  D2

Making Tea With Cold Water: (Ver. 1.0)


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Mary wishes to make a cup of tea

Mary, the Smart Home, Debbie

Mary was at home alone.

Mary wanted to make a cup of tea. She went to the kitchen and the following sequence of sensor observations was detected:

go to sink-bench
turn on tap
fill kettle
turn off tap
boil water
put tea in pot
turn on tap
fill pot with water

pour tea into cup

Based on this, the system needed to identify the behaviour. However, it does not directly match any of the stored behaviours; the closest match is to the tea making activity.

The tea-making sequence conforms to the syntax specified by the tea-making Finite State Machine

The system reports an abnormal behaviour in a message that is left for Mary.

System Design Implications
In this use case, an essential property of the tea-making behaviour has been replaced by something inappropriate. The additional behaviour is interesting in that it does not conform to the norm, and probably problematic, in that it may indicate that Mary is confused. However, this classification (probably problematic) is an easy one for us to reach, based on our world-knowledge appreciation that a cup of tea made with cold water will taste particularly foul, and that anyone who makes tea that way may be confused. However,  the system has no such model. How may it come to a similar  conclusion?