SHMUC Use Case  C1

Lying Down In The Kitchen: (Ver. 1.0)


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To react to abnormal some behaviours immediately, as they are potentially very significant. 

Actors Mary, the Smart Home, Carita

Initial State

Mary was at home alone.


At 0815, Mary went to the kitchen to prepare her breakfast. She got some bread and put it in the toaster. She walked around the kitchen while she was waiting, and then suddenly lay down on the floor. The behaviour was recognised, and then the spatial properties of the activity checked. As this behaviour should not seen in the kitchen, an alert was created, and marked urgent as the behaviour was potentially serious.

Norm House inhabitants do not lie down in the kitchen


An alert message was sent to both Debbie and a carer

System Design Implications

There is a class of activities that fall outside the bounds of normal behaviour and can be prima facie assumed to be both  interesting and problematic. This should reduce the computational effort involved in deciding how to react to an observed activity. However, complementing that is the difficulty of foreseeing all possible inappropriate behaviours. It's difficult enough to build a world model that allows for normal behaviours, but the size of the problem is potentially much larger if the system has to detect all possible dangerous abnormal behaviours.