SHMUC Use Case B2

Taking Medicine After Midnight: (Ver. 1.0)


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To detect when a scheduled activity has an unusual start time. 

Actors Mary, the Smart Home, Debbie

Initial State

Mary was feeling unwell.


Mary awoke at 0100 with a stomach upset and therefore decided to go and get some tablets from the medicine cabinet. The motion sensor outside the bedroom and the door sensor informed the system that she was leaving her bedroom, which was common for bathroom visits. However, when the sensor on the medicine cabinet fired, the system checked her medicine schedule and did not find any expected medication at that time. Since the system did not know what Mary was taking, an alert was sent to Debbie.

Norm Scheduled activities take place within a narrow band of times around the scheduled time


An alert message was sent to Debbie.

System Design Implications

Explicitly scheduled events are different from normal events such as showering. It can reasonably be assumed that they were scheduled because it is important that they occur at the scheduled time. Therefore, if they fail to occur at the scheduled times, or if they occur at other times when they are not scheduled to occur, then the behaviour is both interesting and problematic and deserves to be drawn to the attention of a carer.