SHMUC Use Case  B1

Variation In Shower Start Time: (Ver. 1.0)


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To recognise acceptable variation in the start time of an activity

Actors Mary, the Smart Home

Initial State

Mary’s shower start time is abnormal if it occurs outside the time-range from 0800 to 0820.


One morning, Mary awoke at 0800 and it was very cold since the winter was coming. So she decided not to take the shower immediately and intended to wait until 0830. The system checked that Mary did not take a shower from 0800 to 0820 as had occurred in the summer. Therefore it generated an alert to remind Mary to have a shower and recorded a warning message for her daughter, Debbie. However, Mary did not take the shower when she got the alarm but waited until 0830 as she had intended. After work, Debbie checked the system and recognised that this was an incorrect inference that had occurred because the system had not observed this activity in the winter. Debbie then provided feedback to the system to update this activity start time.

Norm Mary's shower normally starts between 0800 and 0820


Mary’s shower time was accepted at 0830.

System Design Implications

In general, it is probably safe to assume that an activity start time that is outside the norm (1 standard deviation from the mean) is an interesting but not an inherently problematic behaviour. Therefore it is acceptable to request external (human) input regarding the classification of the behaviour, and it may not be necessary for the Smart Home to rely on  pre-loaded world knowledge.