SHMUC Use Case  A2

A Justifiably Short Shower: (Ver. 1.0)


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To recognise that, though the duration of an activity is outside the norm, it may be justified

Actors Mary, the Smart Home

Initial State

Mary was at home alone.


Mary awoke on a summer morning that was significantly colder than usual and so she took only 5 minutes in the shower, and then went into the living room and turned on the gas fire to warm up. The system detected from its knowledge base that the shower was much shorter than usual, but it was then able to correlate this with its knowledge of temperature and that Mary used the heating.

Norm Shower duration is normally between 10 and 20 minutes
Outcome An alert message was not sent to Debbie.

System Design Implications

When an activity takes less time than it should, there may be contextual reasons. 

This Smart Home Behaviour seems to rely on world knowledge. It's difficult to see how the smart home could recognise that information regarding the air temperature and Mary's use of the heating were relevant without some overall knowledge of how the world works.