WebCTConnect Tutorial

WebCTConnect assists in managing the assignments for a whole class. WebCTConnect interacts with WebCT for uploading assignment marks and for returning marked assignments to students.

The idea behind WebCTConnect is to complement functionality provided by WebCT. WebCT provides facilities for the students to upload assignments. WebCT manages the submission process including security, safe storage and record keeping.

WebCTConnect has its main functionalities in managing the marking process and in returning marked assignments and feedback to the students. In principle, marked assignments can be returned to the students just using WebCT. The disadvantage of using WebCT's interface for returning marked assignments is that the lecturer has to return each marked assignment individually, a process that can be very time consuming for a large class. WebCTConnect can upload marked assignments to WebCT in one step, returning the appropriate files to each student. The students access their marked assignments and their marks via the standard WebCT assessment interface.

Some of the WebCTConnect 1.1 features are:
  • Downloaded zip files are automatically unzipped.
  • Lecturers can create a marking scheme for assignments.
  • Lecturers can allocate student submissions to different markers.
  • Frequently-used comments when marking assignments are supported.
  • Users can upload student marks and marked assignments to WebCT in one step for the whole class.
  • Group assignments are supported.
  • Marks can be exported to Microsoft Excel files or CSV (comma separated value) files.

  • WebCTConnect has been tested within the Massey University network environment. For the use in other environments appropriate network settings can be made. A WebCT test paper has been setup at Massey University. If you have a Massey University WebCT user account you are welcome to contact Eva Heinrich who will give you access to this test paper. You can then experiment with WebCTConnect without involving your actual papers and students.

    These tutorials show you how to use WebCTConnect. Also, the tutorials are an ideal way of getting a first glimpse of WebCTConnect's large feature set. A WebCTConnect User Manual is also availble as a PDF document.

    Please note that:
  • you need to set the resolution of your monitor to 1280 * 1024
  • these tutorials will open in new windows and require the Macromedia Flash Player.

  • Tutorial 1: Starting WebCTConnect
    This tutorial shows how to start WebCTConnect and configure some settings of the application.

    Tutorial 2: Downloading Course Data
    This tutorial shows how to use WebCTConnect to download course data (your role in the course, the students enrolled in and the assignments for the course) from the Massey WebCT server.

    Tutorial 3: Downloading Students' Submissions
    This tutorial shows how to use WebCTConnect to download students' assignment submissions from the Massey WebCT server.

    Tutorial 4: Prepare for Marking Assignments
    This tutorial shows how to create a marking schema and allocate students' submissions to different markers.

    Tutorial 5: Mark Assignments
    This tutorial shows how to mark assignments based on the predefined marking schema.

    Tutorial 6: Publish Marking Results
    This tutorial shows how to upload the marking results to the Massey WebCT server.

    Tutorial 7: Importing Marking Results from MarkTool Marked Assignment XML Documents
    WebCTConnect can be used in conjunction with MarkTool - you can import the marking results (marks and comments) from MarkTool marked assignment XML documents and then upload the imported results to WebCT.