MarkToolPDF Tutorial

MarkToolPDF is an application that capable of creating PDF documents based on the MarkTool marked assignment XML documents. When using MarkTool to mark an assignment, it will store the annotations and marks in an XML file separately from the origianl PDF assignment document. To return the marked assignment, you have to give both of the XML file and the PDF assignment document. If you have installed MarkToolPDF, MarkTool will automatically invoke MarkToolPDF to create a new PDF document when saving the marked assignment. This new PDF document includes the content of the origianl assignment PDF file and all the annotations and marks you added to the assignment. To return the marked assignment, you only need to give student this single PDF file.

You also can use MarkToolPDF manually to create PDF documents based on the existing MarkTool marked assignment XML files. This tutorial shows how to use MarkToolPDF to create PDF document(s) from a single or multiple MarkTool marked assignment XML document(s). Please note that the tutorial will open in a new window and requires the Macromedia Flash Player.

MarkToolPDF tutorial