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These pages support the 159.355 paper at the Palmerston North campus for Semester 1, 2000. They are written with XHTML 1.0 (basically HTML 4.01 with a few changes) and Cascading Style Sheets --- if your browser does not support these then HTML 2.0 versions of some of these pages are available. Internet Explorer 4.5 does a good job of supporting the HTML used on these pages. Netscape 4.72 does an OK job (though it doesn't understand stylesheets very well), earlier versions of Netscape handle stylesheets less well.

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Notices || General || Pascal-FC


Notices || General || Pascal-FC


Course Outline

An online copy of the course outline.

Contacting The Lecturers

Details on how to contact the course lecturers if you have questions or problems.

Lecture Notes

Selected lecture notes are available in HTML and PDF formats.

Sample Solutions

Pascal-FC solutions to selected problems.

Notices || General || Pascal-FC


Using Pascal-FC

Instructions on how to use Pascal-FC in the Unix Lab. Also, how to obtain a copy for other systems.

Pascal-FC Introduction

An introduction to the Pascal-FC language, including sample code.

Notices || General || Pascal-FC

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