The 2nd International Conference on

Sensing Technology

November 26-28, 2007, Palmerston North, New Zealand


Accepted Papers

Paper ID   Paper Title Contact author STATUS
ICST2007001   Room temperature chlorine gas sensing using surface modified ZnO thick film resistors Lalchand Patil POSTER
ICST2007002   A Highly Sensitive and Stable Glucose Sensor Based on the Synergic Action of Carbon Nanotubes and ZnO Nanoparticles   Yiting Wang POSTER
ICST2007003   Investigation of Rational Spectrum Modeling of Ocean Wave and Its Simulation Fuyou Wang POSTER
ICST2007004   Investigation of Real-Time Wave Height Measurement Using X-Band Navigation Radar Fuyou Wang ORAL
ICST2007005   Gas sensing performance of Barium Strontium Titanate thick film resistors G. H. Jain ORAL
ICST2007006   Novel tactile and proximity sensors made of vapor grown carbon microcoils (CMCs)  Xiuqin Chen ORAL
ICST2007007   Sensor-Actuator Based on NiTi Shape Memory Alloys for Early Fire Detection Serge Zhuiykov ORAL
ICST2007008   Semiconductor Sensor Using Au-doped Nanostructured CoOOH Sensing Electrode for Carbon Monoxide Measurement at Earlier Stages of Fire   Serge Zhuiykov ORAL
ICST2007009   A Highly Sensitive and Stable Glucose Sensor Based on the Synergic Action of Carbon Nanotubes and ZnO Nanoparticles   Jianzhong Zhu ORAL
ICST2007010   Intelligent Sensors Using Chebyshev Neural Networks Jagdish C Patra ORAL
ICST2007011   Face Recognition Using Zernike Moments, Self-Organizing Maps and Auto-Associative Neural Networks   Jagdish C Patra POSTER
ICST2007014   An Adaptive Wiener Filter for an Automotive Application with Non-Stationary Noise Ziming Tom Qi ORAL
ICST2007015   Neural Network Based Recognition Method for Emotions Using Breath Gas Sensing System K. Takahashi ORAL
ICST2007016   Combined Infrared and Acoustic Beacon Tracker Implementation on an Autonomous Vehicle Graham Brooker ORAL
ICST2007017   Signal Processing for the Impedance Measurement of a Loaded Fuel Cell AGLZIM ORAL
ICST2007018   A Robust Dual Digital-Image Watermarking Technique YAN Wei-wei POSTER
ICST2007019   Magnetic Characteristics Measurement for Variable Reluctance Machine with Single and Double Winding   I. Al-bahadly POSTER
ICST2007020   Rotor Position Sensing Using Normal Excitation in SR Drives I. Albahadly ORAL
ICST2007021   Current Sensors Suitable for Using in Electricity Meters Pavel Mlejnek ORAL
ICST2007022   Correlation of Millimetre Wave Radar Images with Aerial Photographs for Autonomous Navigation of a UAV   Graham Brooker ORAL
ICST2007024   The Development of Portable NMR Systems R. Dykstra ORAL
ICST2007027   An Enhanced CMOS Electric-Field Sensor Circuit for Biocell sensing Lab-on-a-Chip Application S.M.Hasan POSTER
ICST2007028   An Improved CMOS Sensor Circuit for Emulating the Quantum of Freshness in Perishables using Parasitic Bipolar Devices   S.M.Hasan POSTER
ICST2007029   Distinguishing fall activities from normal activities using wearable inertial sensors Nyan Myo Naing ORAL
ICST2007031   Observations and Findings for the Determination of the Tracking Indices of Elastic Insulating Materials   A. Fuchs Poster
ICST2007032   Approaches and Restrictions for Capacitance-Based Moisture Sensing of Bulk Solid Materials A. Fuchs Oral
ICST2007034   Evanescent-Wave Fiber-Optic Fluorometer Capable of Dense Channel Multiplexing, Signal Enhancement   ma.jianjun@uqo.ca ORAL
ICST2007035   Measuring Digital Camera Image Noise K. Irie ORAL
ICST2007036   Highly Sensitive Waveguide-based Porous Anodic Alumina Nanosensors for Monitoring Atomic Layer Deposition   H. Gao ORAL
ICST2007039   Semiconductor Type Microbial VOCs Sensor Based on Nanocrystalline In2O3:Au Film IL JIN KIM POSTER
ICST2007040   4GHz Bandwidth Closed Loop Linearisation of a Millimetre-Wave, Linear Frequency Modulated Radar   David Johnson ORAL
ICST2007041   Size effect for un-cooled bi-material IR sensors F. Guo POSTER
ICST2007043   Signal Processing Methods in a Single-Photon Counting System Min Du POSTER
ICST2007045   A 6 DoF Visual Tracking System for a Miniature Helicopter Lin Chi Mak ORAL
ICST2007046   A Novel Wavelet De-nosing Algorithm Based on Step Translation Ma Heng POSTER
ICST2007047   ALESSA: MDS-based Localization for Wireless Sensor Networks Luis G. Sison ORAL
ICST2007048   Speech Emotion Feature Selection Method Based on Contribution Analysis Algorithm of Neural Network   Xiaojia Wang POSTER
ICST2007049   Phthalocyanine Functionalized Hybrids as Receptors for Enhanced Gas/Bio Sensing Alagappan Palaniappan POSTER
ICST2007050   Power Converters for Switched Reluctance Wind Power Generator System chenhaocumt POSTER
ICST2007051   Super-Resolution Detection of High-Contrast Embedded Objects in Structures Using Differential X-Band Sensor Array    Joseph Zarycki ORAL
ICST2007052   Optimisation of the performances of a self-mixing laser diode displacement sensor under moderate feedback based on the Nelder-Mead simplex method.   Prof. Thierry BOSCH ORAL
ICST2007053   A New Geometry for Bragg Gratings in Optical Fibres to Measure Strain Ian G. Platt POSTER
ICST2007054   A comparison between the use of Pd- and Au-nanoparticles as sensing layers in a field effect NOx-sensitive sensor   Kristina Buchholt ORAL
ICST2007055   A special Silicon Micro-machined vibration Gyroscope Wang Hong-wei POSTER
ICST2007056   Catalytic poisoning prevention for hydrogen gas sensor by utilizing Pd/Titanate nanotube photocatalyst and UV-LED   Dae Ung Hong POSTER
ICST2007058   Architecture of Low Storage Digital Pixel Sensor Array with Synchronous Compression Milin ZHANG ORAL
ICST2007059   A New and Improved Implementation of an ANN States Observer Ye Chow Kuang ORAL
ICST2007060   Long-distance intelligent sensor for measurement of electric power system F. Guo POSTER
ICST2007061   A Dielectric Model for Hygroscopic Solids from 0 to 10 GHz John Christie POSTER
ICST2007063   A Fibre Bragg Grating Acoustic Emission and Transmission Sensor a Utilizing Transmit Reflect Detection System    Graham Wild ORAL
ICST2007064   Two Dimensional Strain Sensor using Surface Acoustic Wave Delay lines Toru Nomura ORAL
ICST2007065   Accelerometer-based Orientation Sensing for Head Tracking in AR & Robotics M. Keir ORAL
ICST2007066   Agitation sensor based on Facial Grimacing for improved sedation management in critical care G. Chase ORAL
ICST2007067   Integral-Based Structural Damage Assessment Using Limited Sensor Data G. Chase ORAL
ICST2007068   3D-Shape Recognition based Tactile Sensor Somrak Petchartee ORAL
ICST2007069   Model-based sensor of hemodynamics in critical care Christopher Eric Hann ORAL
ICST2007070   Surface motion reconstruction for a DIET system Christopher Eric Hann ORAL
ICST2007071   Design and Fabrication of a MEMS Structure for an Infrared Focal Plane Array S. M. Cho ORAL
ICST2007072   Gas Sensor Based on PBG Fiber- Possibilities and Limitations Joanna Pawlat POSTER
ICST2007073   Quartz Thickness Shear Mode Resonators as Sensors for Polymer or Liquid Properties G. Gouws ORAL
ICST2007074   Probabilistic Speaker Tracking with Audio-Video Data Yoon Seob Lim ORAL
ICST2007075   Electrostatic Actuator with One Hundred Microns Movement in Low Driving Voltage LI.Tie POSTER
ICST2007076   Design and Numerical Simulations of a Fluidic Flowmeter Sensor Dailiang Xie POSTER
ICST2007078   A Safe, Self-Calibrating, Wireless System for Measuring the Volume of Any Fuel at Any Orientation   Stanley E. Woodard ORAL
ICST2007080   Software Stack Architecture for Self-Organizing Sensor Networks Vasanth Iyer ORAL
ICST2007081   Solution Quantitative Sensing Technology Using Laser-Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy Integrated with Micro-Droplet Ejection System   Satoshi Ikezawa ORAL
ICST2007082   Macroporous Silicon as an Electrical Platform For Biosensing Applications Chirasree RoyChaudhuri ORAL
ICST2007083   Pre-slip Sensing through Tactile Sensing Somrak Petchartee ORAL
ICST2007084   Variable Sensor System for Guidance and Navigation of AGVs G. Bright ORAL
ICST2007085   A New Low Power Interfacing Method For Carbon Monoxide MOX Sensors Sebastian Bicelli ORAL
ICST2007086   Difference temperature-to-time converter based on thermistors and generalized impedance converter    Diego Ramírez Muñoz POSTER
ICST2007087   Lead detection in industrial atmospheric particles Eugene Bychkov ORAL
ICST2007088   A special Silicon Micro-machined vibration Gyroscope Wang Hong-wei POSTER
ICST2007089   The effect of temperature on the gas sensing properties of CVD grown MWCNTs R.E. Pearce ORAL
ICST2007090   Comparative study of air-core coil design for induction magnetometer with current-to-voltage converter   K. Tashiro ORAL
ICST2007091   Intelligent Sensing in a Design of a Distributed Engine Control Unit Pavel ORAL
ICST2007092   NO-mixed potential sensor based on yttria stabilized zirconia Prof.Dr. Ulrich Guth ORAL
ICST2007093   Application of Sensing & Actuation for Online Hybrid Testing of Structural Control Devices Xiaoqi Chen ORAL
ICST2007094   A Capacitive PVDF Tactile Sensor With Contact Force and Temperature Sensing Function Jun-ichiro YUJI ORAL
ICST2007095   Electromechanical Phenomena at the Interface in Nanometric Dielectrics O. P. Thakur ORAL
ICST2007098   Organic Vapor Detection Using a Thick-Thin film Hybrid Anodic M. Haji-Sheikh ORAL
ICST2007099   Congestion Control of a Networked Autonomous Vehicle using Visual Information from Camera T. Azuma ORAL
ICST2007100   Feed-Forward Technique for Angle Determination from Position Encoders Dear Dr. Mohieddine Benammar ORAL
ICST2007101   A Preview of Theory-based Protein Structure Prediction And Prospect Yuyang POSTEr
ICST2007102   Theoretical Simulation of a Coaxial Cavity Resonator as a Moisture Sensor for Grain Materials Vladimir M. Serdyuk ORAL
ICST2007103   Microstructure Influences on Ultrasonic Wave Propagation Andrew Dawson ORAL
ICST2007104   Optical Sensor Modelling Using Mechanistic Deconvolution Shen Hin Lim ORAL
ICST2007105   SAW Parameter Extraction Using Finite Element Analysis A. Tikka ORAL
ICST2007106   Evaluation of the Tactile Sensor Element Using the Microbending Optical Fiber Sensors Jung-ju Lee ORAL
ICST2007107   Online Monitoring of Mobile Robots Using Low Cost Microcontroller Probes K. Koeker ORAL
ICST2007108   Coexistence of Different Wireless Sensor Networks exploiting Real-Time Ethernet synchronization   Paolo Ferrari ORAL
ICST2007110   Characteristics of Pt-SnO2 Thin Film Prepared by Thermal Evaporation Jin-Seong Park Poster
ICST2007112   Ultrasonic Monitoring of Transient Variation in Internal Temperature Distribution of Heated Materials   I. Ihara ORAL
ICST2007113   Development of a Smart Tracking System for an Endoscopic Capsule Tharshan Vaithianathan ORAL
ICST2007115   Water Quality Bio-monitoring Sensor based on Dynamic Image Understanding Tang Yiping POSTER
ICST2007116   Visualized Omni-directional Vibration Sensor with build-in Intelligence Tang Yiping ORAL
ICST2007117   A Fusion Data Monitoring of Multiple Wireless Sensors for Ubiquitous Healthcare System Sachin ORAL
ICST2007118   Design of a Hybrid Closed Loop Control System for a MEMS Accelerometer Using Sliding-Mode Principle   Dear Faezeh Arab Hassani ORAL
ICST2007119   On-line grid map building based on sensor fusion Woong Keun Hyun ORAL
ICST2007120   Multi-channel signal reading and processing for long-distance intelligent sensor F. Guo POSTER
ICST2007121   Bandwidth Adjustment of Digital Kalman Filter for Indirect Measurement of Electrolytic Bath State Variables   João Viana da Fonseca Neto  Oral
ICST2007123   802.15.4 Based Visually Impaired Notification System Kurt Peters ORAL
ICST2007124   Resistive-, Capacitive-, and Inductive- Sensors: Principles, Design, and Applications W. Du POSTER
ICST2007127   Enhanced CO sensitivity and selectivity in presence of propane and methane, using gold nanoparticles-doped SnO2 sensor   Yadollah Mortazavi ORAL
ICST2007128   A new combining approach to localizing the EEG activity in the brain: The WMN and LORETA solution   K. Rafik POSTER
ICST2007129   Triangulation-based calibration method based on light-section method using spheres Yusuke Yachide Oral
ICST2007131   Electromagnetic Modelling for Impedance Tomography of Wood I. Woodhead ORAL
ICST2007132   A Microporous PMMA-Film Coated `Constant Phase Element Sensor' for Chemical and Bio-Chemical Sensing   Karabi Biswas ORAL
ICST2007134   Characteristics of Pt-SnO2 Thin Film Prepared by Thermal Evaporation Jin-Seong Park ORAL
ICST2007138   Electromagnetic Design of Switched Reluctance Linear Motor C. Hao POSTER
ICST2007139   Highly selective Pt/SnO2 sensor to methane or LPG in presence of CO and ethanol, using gold nanoparticles on Fe2O3 catalytic filter at low temperatures   Yadollah Mortazavi ORAL
ICST2007140   Nerstian YSZ oxygen sensor with no air reference, using nano-size Ce-Zr oxide on one Pt electrode   Yadollah Mortazavi ORAL
ICST2007141   Linearity and Sensitivity Issues in Piezoresistive Pressure Sensors Jaspreet Singh ORAL
ICST2007143   Surface Acoustic Wave Device Based Electrostatic Actuator for Micro-fluidic Applications Don Wenura Dissanayake ORAL
ICST2007144   Active vibration control in co-located configuration using integrated piezoelectric actuators and fiber Bragg grating sensors   Carmen Ambrosino ORAL
ICST2007145   Acoustic Sensing for Safety Automotive Applications Aime' Lay-Ekuakille POSTER
ICST2007147   Near Field Fibre Optic Sensors Based on Tin dioxide Particle Layers at Wavelength Scale M. Consales ORAL
ICST2007148   Water Monitoring by Carbon Nanotubes Fiber Optic Chemo-Sensors M. Consales ORAL
ICST2007149   Environmental Acoustic Wireless Sensor Network for early detection of larvae development  Bertrand Hochet ORAL
ICST2007150   Industrial Zirconia Oxygen Sensor: State of Art Pavel Shuk Oral
ICST2007151   A Rapid Prototyping Platform for Capacitive Measurement Systems Daniel Hrach ORAL
ICST2007153   Application of PowerBusT Technology for Data Messaging and Control in Sensor/Actuator Networks   Moi-Tin Chew Oral
ICST2007155   Sensitivity Analysis and Experimental Investigation of Microstrip Resonator Technique for the in-process Moisture/Permittivity   K.K. Joshi Oral