Call for Papers

Information on the call for papers is available in DOC (507kb) or PDF (174kb) format.

School of Engineering and Advanced Technology (SEAT), Massey University, is pleased to announce that the 4th International Conference on Autonomous Robots and Agents (ICARA 2009) will be held in Wellington, New Zealand, from 10th to 12th February, 2009.

ICARA 2009 is intended to provide a common forum for researchers, scientists, engineers and practitioners throughout the world to present their latest research findings, ideas, developments and applications in the area of autonomous robotics and agents. ICARA 2009 will include keynote addresses by eminent scientists as well as special, regular and poster sessions. All papers will be peer reviewed on the basis of a full length manuscript and acceptance will be based on quality, originality and relevance. The review is single blind where the reviewer remains anonymous throughout the process. Accepted papers will be published in the conference proceedings. Topics will include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Intelligent Control
  • DNA Computing for autonomous Agents
  • Biorobotics,  Biomechatronics
  • Implantable sensors for Robotic Applications
  • Artificial Intelligence in Biosystems
  • Autonomous Systems
  • Multi-Agent Collaborative Systems (MACS)
  • Robotics, Humanoids
  • Smart Sensors and Sensor Fusion
  • Cooperative Robotics
  • Robot Soccer Systems
  • Entertainment Robotics
  • Human Robot Interface
  • Distributed Intelligent Control Systems

  • Real Time Supervisory Control
  • Embedded Systems
  • Educational Technology
  • Fuzzy Systems,  Neuro-Fuzzy Systems
  • Biped and Humanoid Robots
  • Rough Sets, Data Mining
  • Navigation and Path Planning
  • Genetic Algorithm (GA)
  • Evolutionary Computation (EC)
  • Distributed Evolutionary Algorithms
  • Real Time Evolutionary Computation
  • Evolutionary Systems and Algorithms
  • Vision Systems for Robotics
  • Artificial Neural Networks in Biorobotics  

Paper Submission

Authors are invited to submit the manuscript (4 to 6 pages including references) of their technical paper, for oral or poster presentation. Papers in PDF format may be uploaded via the web using EDAS paper management system at The MS Word and PDF templates are available on the conference website. Final manuscripts will be limited to six (6) A4 size pages.
The conference proceedings will be published on CD-ROM by IEEE and the papers will be available online via IEEE Xplore®.

In submitting a paper, the author(s) agree that, upon acceptance, they will prepare the final manuscript in time for inclusion into the published proceedings and will present the paper at the conference. Advance registration is required for the final manuscript to be published.

Special Sessions

ICARA solicits special session proposals.  The special sessions are intended to stimulate in-depth discussions in special areas relevant to the conference theme.  The session organizers will coordinate the review process for their session papers. The conference proceedings will include all papers from the special sessions.

Please submit your proposal to

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Advance Registration      

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For further details, please contact:

Gourab Sen Gupta
Subhas Mukhopadhyay 
Chris Messom