The second International Conference on

Autonomous Robots and Agents

December 13-15, 2004, Palmerston North, New Zealand

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Organizing Committee

Message from General Co-Chairs

 Keynote Address 1

The Third Generation of Robotics: Ubiquitous Robot

Jong-Hwan Kim, Yong-Duk Kim, Kang-Hee Lee

Session 1A : Autonomous Robotics

A System Design For Transforming An Everyday Object Into An Omnidirectional Robot

Masaharu Furuta, Sumiko Majima

Efficient Robotic Pursuit of a Moving Target in a Known Environment
Using a Novel Convex Region Segmentation

Mohamed Marzouqi, Ray A. Jarvis

Design for Dynamic Reconfiguration of Robot Software

Bruce MacDonald, Barry Po-Sheng Hsieh, Ian Warren

Practical Development of an Experimental Autonomous System
in real-time Environment -CRUI

T.C Manjunath, G.V.Jayaramaiah, D.S.S. Sudhakar, R.Shesa Iyer, R. Jadhav, S. Janardhanan

Advanced Grasp Planning for Handover Operation Between Human and Robot:Three
Handover Methods in Esteem Etiquettes Using Dual Arms and Hands of Home-Service Robot

Jinsul Kim, Jihwan Park, Yong K. Hwang, Manjai Lee

Enhancing Agent Autonomy and Adaptive Behavior by Knowledge abstraction40

Kumari Wickramasinghe, Damminda Alahakoon

Session 1B :

Mobile Robot Simulation with Realistic Error Models

Andreas Koestler, Thomas Bräunl

An Intuitive and Flexible Architecture for Intelligent Mobile Robots

Xiao-Wen Terry Liu, Jacky Baltes

Obstacle Avoidance and Finite-Time Tracking of Mobile Targets

Daniel J. Stonier, Russel J. Stonier

A Human-Like Semi Autonomous Mobile Security Robot

Dale A. Carnegie, Ashil Prakash, Chris Chitty, Bernard Guy

On Localising an Unknown Mobile Robot

Dorian J. Spero, Ray A. Jarvis

Proportional Navigation-Based Optimal Collision Avoidance for UAVs

Su-Cheol Han, Hyochoong Bang

Session 2A : Fuzzy and Neural Systems

Scene Memory of Mobile Robot based on Competitively Growing
Neural Network using Temporal Coding

Masayasu Atsumi

Performance Study of a Multi-Deme Parallel Genetic Algorithm with Adaptive Mutation

B.T. Skinner, H.T. Nguyen, D.K. Liu

Sliding Mode Adaptive Neural-network Control for Nonholonomic Mobile Modular Manipulators

Yangmin Li, Yugang Liu

A New Scheme for Color Night Vision by Quaternion Neural Network

Hiromi Kusamichi, Teijiro Isokawa, Nobuyuki Matsui, Yuzo Ogawa, Kazuaki Maeda

Reinforcement Learning Hierarchical Neuro-Fuzzy Model for Autonomous Robots

Priscila Dias, Karla Figueiredo, Marley Vellasco, Marco Aurélio Pacheco, Carlos H. Barbosa

Session 2B : Genetic Algorithm and Evolutionary Computation

Torpedoes on Target: EAs on Track

Nicole Patterson, Luigi Barone, Cara MacNish

Comparing The Performance Of Incremental Evolution To Direct Evolution

Matthew Walker

Optimization and Dynamic Simulation of a Nurse Robot in Hospital
Environment Using Genetic Algorithm

Ali Meghdari, Hooman Hosseinkhannazer, Ali Selk Ghafari

A Hybrid Method of Evolutionary Algorithms and Gradient Search

Hyun Wook Woo, Hyuk Hoon Kwon, Min-Jea Tahk

Obstacle detection by Evolutionary Algorithm: the Fly Algorithm

Olivier Pauplin, Jean Louchet, Evelyne Lutton, Michel Parent

An Application of Direct Coding Genetic Algorithm to Solving
the Problem of Dynamic Rescheduling

Ruedee Masuchun

Keynote Address 2

When Physics Rules Robotics

Mel Siegel

Session 3A : Multi-Agent Systems and Networks

A Colored Petri Net Based Approach for Multi-agent Interactions

Quan Bai, Minjie Zhang, Khin Than Win

Control and Stability Analysis on Multiple Robots Formation

Yangmin Li, Xin Chen

Behavior Coordination of A Partner Robot based on Imitation

Naoyuki Kubota, Kyotaro Tomoda

A Scoring Policy for Simulated Soccer Agents Using Reinforcement Learning

Azam Rabiee, Nasser Ghasem-Aghaee

Simple Optimisation, through Parallelisation and Other Methods, of Temporal Networks

Tony A. Meyer

'Safe Design and Vibration Control of a Manipulator with Passive Compliant Joints

M. Kim, S. K. Yun, S. Kang

Session 3B : Vision Applications and Feature Extraction in Robotics

Remarks on Emotion Recognition from Bio-Potential Signals

Kazuhiko Takahashi

Using 3D Visual Landmarks to Solve the Correspondence Problem in
Simultaneous Localisation and Mapping

Michael J. Cree, Margaret E. Jefferies, Jesse T. Baker

Towards Outdoor Localization Using GIS, Vision System and Stochastic Error Propagation

Mikael Kais, Stéphane Dauvillier, Arnaud De La Fortelle, Ichiro Masaki, Christian Laugier

Distinctive Feature Analysis of Natural Landmarks as a Front end for SLAM applications

Kai-Ming Kiang, Richard Willgoss, Alan Blair

Dense 3D Mapping with Monocular Vision

Kamil Wnuk, Faith Dang, Zachary Dodds

Revising Stereo Vision Maps in Particle Filter Based SLAM using
Localisation Confidence and Sample History

Simon Thompson, Satoshi Kagami

Poster Session I

Mapping Of Unknown Environments Using Genetically Evolved Behaviour
For A Team Of Robots

Vivek Srikumar, Prashanth Ellina

Nonlinear System Modeling Using GA-based B-spline Membership Fuzzy-Neural Networks

Yih-Guang Leu

Research and Implementation of Virtual Instruments Based on Agent Technology

Li Yunfei , Chen Chengqin

Binary Signal Compression using DCT Signs

Hiroshi Kondo, Satoshi Kunifusa, Zhimei Yang, Takaharu Koda, Lifeng Zhang

An Extended Hybrid Genetic Algorithm for Exploring a Large Search Space

Hong Zhang, Masumi Ishikawa

Design of a Robot Colony and its Application in Entertainment Robotics

M. Fikret Ercan

Design and Practical Implementation of Multiple Interactive Communication
Systems for Multiple Robots

T.C Manjunath, G.V.Jayaramaiah, D.S.S. Sudhakar, R.Shesa Iyer, R. Jadhav, S. Janardhanan

Biologically Inspired Quadruped Robot Biosbot: Modeling, Simulation And Experiment261

Xu Guan, Haojun Zheng, Xiuli Zhang

Role-Based Social Mental States of Agents

He Han Ming, He Hua Can

Analysis of Multi-Agent Collaborative Systems

Drago Matko, Gregor Klan'car, Rihard Karba

Applying Artificial Intelligence Principles to Portal Customization - A Theoretical Approach

Craig de Beer

Magnetic Bearing: An Integrated Platform for Teaching and Learning

S. C. Mukhopadhyay, C. Gooneratne, G. Sen Gupta

Develop a Multi Interface Based Detection Module for Home Automation

Ting L. Chien, Kuo L. Su, Jr H. Guo

Session 4A : Intelligent Control and Cooperative Robotics

Autonomous Game Playing Robot

Donald G. Bailey, Ken A. Mercer, Colin Plaw

Interaction Design with Commands Embedded in Actions for Human-Robot Cooperative Task

Kazuki Kobayashi, Seiji Yamada

Dynamic Model and Shooting Algorithm on Simurosot

Yang TW, Chan-Tan YW, Lee HA, C Teoh EL, Jiang H, Sng HL

New Rescheduling Methodology with Frozen Interval

Ruedee Masuchun, Wiboon Masuchun

Human Computer Interaction for Virtual Haka Metamorphosis

Liyanage C De Silva, James D Story, Masood M Sujau

Session 4B : Optimization, Vision & Unmanned Vehicle

Colour Vision and Robot/Ball Identification for a Large Field Soccer Robot System

Jiang H, Peng Q*, Lee HA, C Teoh EL, Sng HL

Relative Visual Servoing: A Comparison with Hybrid Intelligent Models

Shahram Jafari, Ray Jarvis

In-Flight Orientation, Object Identification and Landing Support for an Unmanned Air Vehicle

Adam Hazeldene, Adam Sloan, Christopher Wilkin, Andrew Price

Measuring Horizon Angle from Video on a Small Unmanned Air Vehicle

Terry D. Cornall, G.K. Egan

Optimizing Examination Timetabling using a Hybrid Evolution Strategies

Taufiq Abdul Gani, Ahamad Tajudin Khader, Rahmat Budiarto

Invited Presentation

A Terminological Stance on Artificial Autonomy

Colin Schmidt, Felicitas Kraemer

Poster Session II

Distributed Web-Based Desktop E-Manufacturing System

Jyh-Hwa Tzou

An Agent-Based Approach to Feature Selection in Text Categorization

Son Doan, Susumu Horiguchi

Design a Low Cost Security Robot Applying in Family

Kuo L. Su, Ting L. Chien, Jr H. Guo

Priority based Dynamic Multiple Robot Path Planning

Taixiong Zheng, D. K. Liu, Ping Wang

A Conversation Robot with Back-channel Feedback Function
based on Linguistic and Nonlinguistic Information

Shinya Fujie, Kenta Fukushima, Tetsunori Kobayashi

State Transition Based (STB) Role Assignment and Behaviour
Programming in Collaborative Robotics

G. Sen Gupta, Chris Messom, Serge Demidenko

VLSI Implementation of Discrete Wavelet Transform (DWT) for Image Compression

Abdullah Al Muhit, Md. Shabiul Islam, Masuri Othman

Distance Transform Based Visibility Measures for Covert Path
Planning in Known but Dynamic Environments

Ray Jarvis

A review of Sensing Technologies for Landmine Detection: Unmanned Vehicle Based Approach

C. Gooneratne, S.C.Mukhopadhyay, G. Sen Gupta

Micromirror for Laser-Beam Scanning for Robotics and Other Applications

David. J. Johnson, Cassandra Low Lee Ngo, Jiaping Yang, Qinghua Li

Effectiveness and Suitability of Mobile Agents for Distributed Computing Applications

(Case studies on distributed sorting & searching using IBM - Aglets Workbench)

S. R. Mangalwede, K.K.Tangod, U.P.Kulkarni, Prof A R Yardi

An Analytic Model for Embedded Machine Vision: Architecture and Performance Exploration

Chan Kit Wai, Prahlad Vadakkepat, Tan Kok Kiong

Design and Analysis of a Four-wheel Omnidirectional Mobile Robot

L. Huang, Y.S.Lim, David Li, Christopher E. L. Teoh

Botnia: A Team Of Soccer Playing Robot

Nadir Ould Khessel

Session 5 : Special Session on Humanoid Robots

A Layered Control Architecture for Humanoid Robot

Hongwei Liu, Hitoshi Iba

Evolving Autonomous Biped Control from Simulation to Reality

Adrian Boeing, Stephen Hanham, Thomas Bräunl

Stabilization of Biped Robot based on Two mode Q-learning

Kui-Hong Park, Jun Jo, Jong-Hwan Kim

Hybrid Controller for Biped Gait Generation

Tee Wei In, Prahlad Vadakkepat

A 'ZMP' Management Scheme For Trajectory Control Of
Biped Robots Using A Three Mass Model

Jagannathan Kanniah, Zar Ni Lwin, D Prasanna Kumar, Ng Nai Fatt

Serially-Linked Parallel Leg Design for Biped Robots

Ohung Kwon, Jung H. Yoon, Je S. Yeon, Jong H. Park

Active Balancing Using Gyroscope for a Small Humanoid Robot

Jacky Baltes, Sara McGrath, John Anderso

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